Genius Hour Post 1

For my Genius Hour project, I have chosen to do a short film/movie or something on telling people that It doesn’t matter if you lose friends or not and to act nice to some people and that It’s nice to remember the fun times you and your friends had. I love to help my friends about any problems and try to cheer them up no matter what. Even if it doesn’t work I would like to think that I tried to help them out. They might not be able to be cheered up but it would help just helping someone in need than just not help anyone. What I have done so far is finishing the script. There’s nine people in it and I’m the main character and one of my best friends is the main character’s best friend and another one is a ghost. The main character has memories of his Best friend and later in the film there was a problem with his friends memories and he has to try finding keys to enter each room to get a memory to tell what each memory is making. I will be glad to get this over with. I will be done sooner or later and I hope I can get a short part of the film on here later.